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Integral Transformation Academy (ITA)
Integral Transformation Academy
Headquarter:  Beijing, China

Life is Good! Life also has its ups and downs.  Many of us - even the most successful or actualized - may experience challenges at one time or another.

Common examples are:

  • Getting stuck in our work and looking for breakthrough in leadership or management abilities.
  • Recovering from job losses that bring us frustration, financial difficulties and low self-esteem.

  • Homemakers looking for more life meaning apart from caring the family.
  • Striving for more energy for our family or personal interests after work; how to achieve work-life balance?

  • Trying to improve our marriage relationship.
  • Losing direction after retirement
  • Feeling something is missing from our life no matter how successful we are in our career or how good our family is.
ITA helps individuals break through themselves and overcome challenges through Integral Transformation.  We provide professional services like coaching, training, mentoring, and other consultancy services.  Our services promote personal transformation and inner growth to empower individuals to fully realize their potential and ultimately achieve their life mission.

Integral Transformation

"Integral Transformation" was developed by our founder, William Au, PhD by blending his extensive experiences in coaching and individual development, sound academic knowledge and significant managerial exposure.  This unique approach, with the focus of inner growth, helps individuals transform through:

Integrated positive changes of multi-level engagement including belief, values, attitudes and behaviors.

Integrated tools and techniques for personal transformation based on research-proven psychological theories including positive psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive behavioral approach, person-centered approach, existential theory and transpersonal psychology.

integrated services of the following:
- Professional coaching
- Mindfulness and Meditation Practices
- Training & Mentoring
- Consultancy

"Life is Good if you know your mission."