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Coaching Services
Integral Transformation Academy
Headquarter:  Beijing, China

ITA applies "Integral Transformation" approach to help clients to transform. We promote personal transformation and inner growth to enable individuals to fully realize their potential and ultimately achieve their life mission.

Two basic coaching services are offered:
  • Executive / Career coaching helps individuals expand their capabilities (e.g. skills on leadership, managing and influencing others etc) for their career advancement.
  • Life coaching focuses on overcoming other life difficulties or helps clients achieve new personal goals.
Who delivers the services?
All the services are delivered by ITA's founder, William Au, PhD, on face-to-face basis. If a client is in a remote location, the services can be conducted through telephone calls or other electronic means.

Our clients?
Everyone can face difficulties and challenges in different life stages.  Our clients come from every walk of life e.g. corporate executives, professionals, office workers, technicians, homemakers, unemployed or retirees etc.  ITA aims to serve people in need.

How does the process look like?
A complimentary 30-minute consultation session may be provided to introduce the coaching services to the potential client. After this, the coach and the client can discuss entering into the coaching services.

As a typical example, the client will receive a one to two hour coaching session every two weeks for a period of three to six months. In the initial session, the coach will help the client to assess current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of the coaching service, identify priorities for actions, and establish specific desired outcomes.

Between scheduled coaching sessions, the client will be asked to complete some actions to achieve specific goals. The coach may provide additional resources like  relevant articles, checklists, or assessments to support the individual's thinking and actions.

During the coaching session, the coach review together with the client on the progress and achievements and to identify new possibilities and actions based on new understandings from clients.

Throughout the coaching process, a variety of assessment tools (e.g. personality trails, leadership styles, life stage analysis, archetype models etc.) will be used to help client understand themselves and to provide a benchmark for creating coaching goals and actions.  ITA also uses an integrated set of psychological based techniques to help clients to move forward or transform. They include:
  • neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • positive psychology
  • person-centered psychology
  • developmental approach
  • cognitive behavorial approach
  • transpersonal psychology
"Coaching facilitates you to enhance your skills and to design your future creatively."